In preparing for the TAT (TransAmerica Trail), I have read that there is really no way to train for a 4,000 + mile bicycle ride unless you have some time on your hands.  I would agree.  With that being said, I did try to get in some long, multi-day rides where camping would be involved.  Prior to planning for this trip I had tent camped a grand total of “1” time, lol.  In addition to my regular weekday rides after work I was able to get in quite a few long weekend rides and two 160 mile multi-day rides.  The purpose of the multi-day rides were to try out the gear and test my physical capability.  What I did not realize, but learned, was it also tested my mental capability.

I did two 160 mile rides from my home in Saylorsburg, PA to Marmora, NJ.  Why Maramora, NJ?  That is where Audrey was so I had a ride home.  Sweet!  The first 160 mile ride sucked!  I made a wrong turn, which really only cost me in the addition of hill work.  OK, good training.  But, I did pick up my first of three flats on the misrouting.  So, had I chose the correct route, most likely I would have not had the first flat.  Yeah, I am numbering flats, not good.  OK no worries, I have two spare tubes, all is good Mon.  Once back on track and into New Jersey I found another little road nugget to make my day.  I made it to a safe location, took all the crap off my bike, flipped it and changed my second flat with my last tube.  Just 12 miles to my campground, no worries.  Just a mile or so further, the rear tire went flat.  Ok I have a patch kit. Yeah, I have to do this all over again but its OK.  I believe my patch kit was aged, good for wine, but not good for patch kits.  It did not stick.  My trip turned into a good samaratin ride to my campground.  Thanks Dave!  The next day  I nursed a partially flat tire 11 miles to the nearest bike shop in Hammonton, NJ and resupplied.  Bought them out of my size bike tubes!  I made it to Maramora with most of my sanity.

That is what I meant by the “mental” part.  I had to keep a positive outlook and look at obsticals as challenges that can be overcome.  Long story short, see the video post, at My Facebook Page, Training Ride is of my second 160 mile ride.  The same ride but a much better trip.