I left Bay City early, like 6:30 AM early.  The campground was on an intersection with a highway and another road and the constant noice of traffic and police cars put me in and out of sleep most of the night.  I’d be lucky if I got 5 hours.  Anyway I packed up and rode 5 miles into Tillamock for breakfast and the only thing open was McDonald’s.  An older gentleman saw my sweet ride outside and asked where I was going.  Virginia or bust I said.  He was impressed, wished me well and asked me what road I was taking out of town.  131 I said.  He goes, “I don’t know of any highway 131”.  Confused I listen to his alternate directions and wished him a good Memorial Day.  I fortunately found highway 131, it exists.  Unfortunately part of my route was taken out by a landslide, so I lost 5 miles off my planned ride and it was a scenic loop.  Oh well.  I did meet my first fellow touring cyclists today, Bruno and Isabell, they are from Normandy France.  Here is the amazing part.  They have been on a bike tour since 2006, around the world and have logged 69,000 miles.  My comma and zeros are correct.  Sixty-nine thousand miles.  They are on their way down the west coast, through Mexico, South America, Patagonia and ending up in Rio to take a cargo ship  over the Atlantic.  Hi Bruno and Isabell I hope your day went well after our visit.  That alternate hill climb was a bit of a challenge so 101 would have been longer and more cars, good choice!  It was nice meeting with you and talking with you about your amazing trip.  Not too many pictures or videos today just busted out miles.  I am staying in Grand Ronde, OR.  One video on my Facebook page https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1197135283632467&id=100000080201650

Today was 74.4 miles/total 145.6