This morning I got up even earlier than yesterday, 5:00 AM.  My thought was the sooner I got on the road, the less heat I would have to deal with in the afternoon. Last night, I paid a bit more attention to elevation when planning today’s distance. The distance I planned on riding looked relatively flat.  So I decided to push it and do 86 miles.  I stopped at the convienient store next to the campgound to resupply.  The Pepsi guy was at the store making a delivery and stopped to ask me where I was going.  After filling him in he said, “well have a good trip, I probably will not see you again”.  He passed me 3 times after that, each time honking his horn after he passed. I gave him a wave.  I think he was suprised to see me again and again and again, lol.  Move it along Pepsi guy a dude on a bike pulling a trailer is out pacing you.  As I mentioned before the route was relatively flat.  It was farmland the whole trip flat and fast.  I was flying high saying things to myself like, “I can finish this in 7 weeks” or “I am a beast”!  Easy there buckaroo.  The suffering is yet to come.  In Corvallis I stopped for lunch and met a very nice German family that lives in Seattle.  I believe I am going to start my own United Nations club.  I have France and Germany as club members so far.

The Adventure Cycling map set that I bought for the trip has 12 maps.  Today I finished the first one, 11 more to go.  Sorry no pics or videos today.  I didn’t think watching the wheat grow would be very exciting.  Tonight, I am staying just outside Eugene, OR in Coburg.  Today was 87 miles.  A total of 230.6.