In my post yesterday, I felt like I kind of just mentioned the fact that I finished Oregon as an after-thought.  Not to brag but I just biked across a State.  Hey, only 9 more to go!

So after my stellar performance yesterday (sarcasm) I did not leave myself with many camping options.  I could ride back 3 miles up-hill in 100 plus degree heat to a campground I passed earlier.  I could have climbed a 1900 ft pass in front of me.  Or, I could stay where I was and paid for a cabin.  Hum, let me think…  Cabin it is.  This was my first night not tent camping.  I have been fine with tent camping, but due to the circumstances I took the proprietor up on their “cabin”.  It was a commerical mobile trailer divided into 4 seperate rooms.  It its defense I had a bathroom and enough room to fit me, Bob and Bike.  I have not come up with a name for the bike so I am just going to call it Bike.  I kind of like Bike, Bob and Me.  Have you ever slept on a back woods cabin spring mattress?  I did last night and it was wonderful (sarcasm), lol.  I did sleep so that was good.  Also, another benefit was all my stuff was already packed. I was on the road by 5:30 AM.

I jumped all over the 1900 ft climb this morning and it went better than expected.  After the pass there was a nice downhill into Cambridge where I could stop for road goodies.  I did a little shopping, paid the clerk and went out to pack the food on my bike and who rolls up but racers 8 & 9.  The conversation when kind of quick so I did not get their names, but they had been riding all night!  Both were working on 4-6 hours of sleep since Saturday, today is Tuesday!  Insane.  I didn’t want to bother them so I wished them well and said I would see them in a bit.  I knew it would not take long for them to pass me.  I got on Bike and I took off, lol.  Literally I took off.  I kind of felt like I was in the race.  Common what else do I have to do while I am riding 70 miles a day to entertain myself?  I was thinking how long would it take for them to catch me.  10 miles is now long, lol.  They probably sat there for 30 minutes or longer then just turned on the afterburners and caught up with me in no time.  We all wished each other well on the pass and they were long gone.  I can’t get over how amazing it is what they are doing.  I can appreciate it, becuase of what it is taking for me to maintain 70 miles/day.

The rest of the ride was pretty uneventful; climb, sweat, drink water, decend and repeat.  I only took one picture today, I apologize, but I think it is cool.  I crossed the 45 Parallel.  That is half way between the Equator and North Pole.  I am staying in New Meadows, ID.  The campground has a hot springs pool.  Ohhhhh! That feels good says my muscles.

Day 10 – 75.1 miles
Total 743.6