Last night it rained.  I walked over to an Outback, near the campground, to treat myself to a steak and beeer for the epic day.  I left the campground in shorts and a t-shirt and came back with wet shorts and a wet t-shirt.  I should have looked a little further into the forcast.  I had my clothes in my tent so I was able to change into something dry.  The rain started to let up and I went to sleep.  Maybe an hour later guess who’s back?  The Rain.  First night sleeping in the rain, it was fine I stayed dry and warm.

Today was going to be an easy day, especially after yesterday’s leg of the Tour de Lolo Pass. I wanted to pick up fuel canisters for my MSR pocket rocket.  It is a little camp stove that sounds like a jet turbine when you lite it up.  I have not been able to find fuel canisters for them since I started the trip.  I have been making by with sterno containers.  They take forever to get water to a boil and you use so much more fuel.  The MSR rocket boils water in a minute or two.  I also wanted to stop at Adventure Cycling in Missoula.

Adventure Cycling is an organization that promotes cycling and bicycle touring.  They are the group that maintains the maps of all 44,000 miles of mapped routes in the US and parts of Canada.  They are the group that I bought my maps from for the Trans AM.  Adventure Cycling invites riders passing through to stop in and sign the register, get your picture on the wall and to my surprise a free ice cream.  Eva and J.J. were helpful and great to talk to.  J.J. was recovering from a BMX accident, hope you get better quickly, man. I needed a new handlebar bag because mine was disintegrating before my eyes.  I also needed to restock on tubes since I went though two already.  J.J. helped me install the handlebar bag it was a two man job.  They both stayed a little late but were very understanding.  Thanks guys. Back in the saddle again.

As I mentioned before I needed a short distance day and picked Hamilton, MT as my port of call.  It was only 47 miles from Missoula.  About 13 miles south of Missoula is Lolo and the start of a paved bike trail.  The trail ran right along the highway all the way to Hamilton.  It was great to not have to deal with traffic for a day.  Riding down the trail I could take time to look at the views longer, relax and enjoy the ride. I know why they call Montana “Big Sky Country”.  I am sure pictures don’t do it justice.

I am ready to go to bed in Hamilton, MT

Day 14 – 46.8 miles
Total 1,046.6 miles