The night in Florence was a little rough.  There were sprinklers going, dogs barking and trucks, making truck noises.  I at least was under a pavillion.  The problem with that is that the lights were on all night.  I do not mean to sound unappreciative of Florence’s park camping, but let’s say I have had better nights.  What can you expect for free?

Today was set to be a great day.  I had a short 40 mile ride into Pueblo and had all my tasks set as to what needed to get done.  I was going to get the drivetrain cleaned on Bike, get a haircut, mail uneeded stuff home, do laundry, go grocery shopping and find a small American flag.  I lost it on the downhill yesterday. The rest of the day was set for rest and I was going to find a great Mexican restaurant for enchiladas and margaritas!  First things first, go to the bike shop.  The bike shop was very busy but helpful. They even let me store Bob and my stuff while they worked on Bike and I ran errands.  I dropped the bike off around 10:30 and it would not be done till 3:30.  Eh!  Ok well it is not like I don’t have anything to do.

About losing weight.  Before I left the shop I grabbed all the gear I no longer need.  Winter gear, my Vibrams (that I have not worn), polo shirt (worn once), foot and hand warmers, and the list goes on.  Bob lost 7 lbs!  I can’t wait to feel how much lighter he will be.  Speaking of weight.  I was doing laundry this evening, at the laundromat, and saw one of those 25 cent scales.  I have been curious so I threw a quarter in.  It took my quarter!  So no, “what does Don weight”?  I can’t find a scale around to save my life out here.  I would imagine I lost 10-12 lbs.  I started around 157 and would guess I am around 145?  Not much of me left, lol.

So getting a haircut in Pueblo, not an easy task.  Finally, the fourth barber shop was kind enough to fit me in.  But walking around between four shops takes time and my day is dwindling.  I could not find a place that sold small American flags.  I could get a huge one and hang it off Bob?  Cars wouldn’t miss seeing me then.  All the other places I needed to go were near the campground.  12 miles off route.  But, I had called and it was $3 to tent camp.  The bike shop called and I was able to pick-up Bike, it was around 3:00 PM.  I needed a new chain.  I guess with the 2,000+ miles and the weight I am pulling I am hard on a bike chain.

Drivetrain clean and a new chain, I am out the door.  I rode my 12 miles to the campground and the office was closed.  Ok, no worries, they have a number to call.  I called the number and spoke to a guy that said, “yeah cyclists are 3 bucks, just set-up on any open site and you can pay in the morning”.  I was like you don’t open till 10:00 AM and I will be gone by then. Is there a dropbox? No, no dropbox.  He said, “if you’re gone early don’t worry about it.  Hum?  OK, maybe another night of free camping.  I rolled back to the campsites.  I am going to keep this simple.  Sketchy….  Bob was not comfortable so we left.

That was my only camping option so I stopped by a few hotels.  Two different hotels over $150.00/night!  Nope!  There is a hot rod show in town so rooms were at a premium.  I finally found a Super 8 for under a hundred but I am in the only room left.  A smoking room.  At least I have shelter.  I finally finished my laundry, went grocery shopping, found a flag and am posting my blog for the day at around 10:30 PM.  Not how I planned my day.  No enchiladas, sad face.

I am staying in Pueblo, CO.  I head due east tomorrow!

I did not take any pics today.  So sorry.

Day 27 – 38 miles
Total 2,077.4 miles