I must commend Cobblestone Inn & Suites on their mattress selection.  Slept like a rock, the bed was great!  They had breakfast downstairs at 7:00 so I got a bit of a late start today.  The storm last night did not burn any bridges, so that was good.  Today was a short ride 80 miles, lol, to Leoti, KS.  Yes KS!  I love you Colorado but I got to go!

I wish I could tell you about all the exciting things I saw but I just can’t, it was more of the same.  It was a fantastic weather day though.  High was in the low 80’s, and a breeze to keep things cool.  I ran into Marcus from Germany, he was going west.  I have not added any new countries to Don’s UN and I already have Germany.  Maybe down the road.  Marcus was trying for a PR (Personal Record) today.  Get this.  280 miles in one day.  needless to say we didn’t talk long. Wow!

Beyond that the only other excitement for the day was having two vicious looking dogs come running at me when I stopped to take a break.  I didn’t see them, they came out of nowhere.  I quickly grabbed my pepper spray and shouted at them really loud and that stopped them.  I moved on down the road for a safer resting place.

I got a nice surprise tonight in Leoti.  The city park, where I am tent camping, has the city pool next to it.  I asked the pool attendant where would be a preferred place to set-up my tent.  She pointed out an area near a pavillion.  Then she said cyclists can use the pool and showers for free!  And here is a free bottle of water!  Score! and Score! and Score!  I took a dip in the pool to cool off and got to take a shower.  It was great.  The park is nice.  I have access to power, water and a bathroom.  The big 3, lol.  It was a great day.

Oh! I am in Kansas!  And the Central Time Zone!

I am staying in Leoti, KS

Day 29 – 79 miles
Total 2,267.4 miles

No vids today and just one pic