I had a great night in Leoti City Park.  It was quiet and no sprinkler attacks last night.  I got an early start into some dense fog.  I had all my lights flashing so I could be seen.  The fog was kind of nice. It kept the tempurature down.  Once the fog cleared it was a fantastic morning.  The sun was shining, no wind and relatively cool.  I was making great time on the flat roads.

Some miles into the trip I met a group of guys going west.  In the picture the guy up front in the green shirt is Marion, and there are a few Joe’s in there but, I could not remember everybody’s name.  Marion is from Germany and just finished college.  There was so much information and trying to match it up with each person would be a mental exercise my mind is not ready for right now.

I stopped in Dighton for lunch.  I actually found a salad.  I have not had a salad since, geez I don’t remember.  Anyway, and fruit as well.  It was good to have more options than the regular convenient store fair.  I met a couple other riders at the store Carl from Arizona and Robert from Bowling Green, KY.  I had a nice chat with Robert a disable veteran.  I wished him well and got on Bike.  Dang! Flat front tire.  Well not a bad place to have to change a tire, under the awning of a convenient store. At least it’s the front, much easier than the back.

As Willy would say, “on the road again” I rode toward Ness City.  The heat was starting to get bad and I am noticing humidity.  I guess the dry western heat is gone.  Not too much excitement today. Today is 30 days on the road!

I am staying at a city park in Ness City, KS

Day 30 – 80 miles
Total 2,347.4