Last night at the Ness city park there was entertainment for the evening, a girls softball game. I sat with some locals and watched their home team get slaughtered. I asked what the team’s record was and they looked at me. I left it at that.

I had a fellow TAT rider to camp with last night, Jerry from Pilot Mountain, NC. We went to dinner together and talked about the ride and whatnot. He is doing a modified cross country trip. Jerry started in Virginia Beach, NC and is picking up the Western Express in Pueblo taking him to San Francisco. Jerry is riding a 3 wheeled recumbent bike, similar to Bruce, who I met days, maybe weeks ago.

I got a record start this morning. On the road at 6 AM. I was juiced. Unfortunately so was the headwind. Yes, I am going to talk about the wind again. I will give you a brief wind synopsis for the day. 

– 33 miles of 16 mph headwind, from the east.

-15 miles of 12 mph headwind, from the south. 

-5 miles of 15 mph tailwind, this was from a storm I was running parallel to me, see the pic. 

-I stopped for 10 minutes to let the storm pass, otherwise I was going to ride right into it.

-And to top off my day of enjoyment, 10 miles of 12 mph headwind. 

Earlier in the morning I did stop for a cool picture of Bike & Bob posing with the old and the new. See the pic below. Somewhere in that blizzard of headwind I stopped for lunch. As I sat, another rider, heading west, came in and joined me. Chris is from Norfork, UK and is an equine surgeon. What a small world. I told Chris that my wife is an equine vet but is now practicing small animal. Chris also participates in triathlons just like me. So we had a lot to talk about.

I finally finished my day in Larned, KS. I am more tired from a day like today than from any of my century rides. Tomorrow doesn’t look promising wind wise either. Can’t wait!

I am staying in a city park in Larned, KS

Day 31 – 64 miles

Total 2,411.4 miles

No videos, just a couple pics today.