I had an early morning visitor in Larned this morning.  The night shift police officer checked in to see how my night went.  I thought that was really nice.  He did keep me from getting on the road though, but what do you do?  I guess I still got on the road early because none of the convenient stores were open.  I even turned on my rarely used headlight.

After yesterday’s windy nightmare I was hoping for a calmer day.  Ask and you shall receive!  It was as calm as can be, wind wise.  Bike was on a mission today. We were moving. I will save you the dramatics.  I dropped another century ride. 107.5! I am not counting but that is 5.  I will share with you what I texted Audrey. “107! Boom goes the dynamite”!  What a dork, lol.  Nothing too special happend in the morning and by the time I reached Nickerson, for lunch, I had 50 miles in.

In Nikerson, I met (in the picture from the left) Mike, Monica and Vin.  All were traveling solo but riding together for the past few days.  All are from California.  Excuse the poor photography.  I should of taken the picture from some other angle.  We talked about where we started from in the morning.  That is a common question on the trail.  First ususally it is your name, where your from, where you started that morning and where you are riding to.  What is funny is many of us have to take a minute to remember where we stayed just the previous night.  And to ask someone where they stayed two nights ago, well you just don’t do that.

After downing two ham and cheese sandwiches, a small bag of chips, a banana, two Snickers ice cream bars and two and a half bottles of Gatorade I was ready to get back on the road.  Lol, I am eating Audrey, I just keep burning it off.  So, about the Zebra.  I have seen bison in eastern Colorado and now zebras in Kansas.  You think climate change is an issue?  We got bigger problems. We got animals showing up where they’re not supposed to be.

I was riding to Newton, KS to stay for the night.  There is a bike shop in Newton called, of all things, Newton Bike Shop.  It is kind of a Mecca for cyclists on the TransAmerica Trail.  This is the first time I have stayed in a hostel.  It was really nice.  There were two different areas to sleep in, full kitchen, recreation area with (pool table, air hockey and an old school arcade machine playing the oldies) and last but not least free beer! You had me at “free beer”.  Thank you Heather & James for the fine digs. I met 3 other riders that were staying the night, (in the picture from the left (Austin, Oleg and Mike).  Austin is from Tucson, Oleg is Ukranian but lives in Canada and Mike lives in Portland.  Austin and I played some pool while slipping in conversation about what life’s all about.  I don’t know whether to count Oleg as one country or two in Don’s United Nations?  I have France, Germany, Israel, England, Scotland, Spain and oh, let’s just say it Ukraine and Canada.  I’m counting both! It’s my blog i’ll do what I want!

I am staying at a bike hostel in Newton, KS

Day 32 – 107.5 miles

Total 2,518.9 miles