I found the hills in Kansas.  If you are curious, they are between Newton and Eureka.  They were not bad hills, just up and down all day.  I met a west bounder today, Jeff (see pic).  Jeff is from Mississippi and teaches high school chemistry and physics.  I see a lot of west bounders but not many east bounders like me.  After I met Jeff there was a group of 20 riders riding for MS (muscular dystrophy) and they had a support vehicle.  Some days I wish I had a support vehicle.  I just thought today while riding that I have not driven a car in 33 days.  I then saw a new group of riders with all their gear.  They were an under 30 group doing the TAT, again going west.

Other than the picture of Jeff I was photoless today.  By the afternoon it was so hot I didn’t want to stop because the breeze would go away.  There is very limited shade out here but, I did mange to find one spot to stop and get out of the sun. In general a pretty uneventful day.  I just rode my bike, lol.

I am staying in a city park in Eureka, KS

Day 33 – 75.7 miles

Total 2,594.6 miles