I didn’t even get out of Eureka city limts when I ran into the first TATer of the day.  I met Dave, from South Africa. He actually lives in Ft Lauderdale.  Coincedentaly , his wife is from Columbus, OH and a Buckeye fan.  He got a picture of Bob sporting his Buckeye flag, for his wife.  I should not forget to mention,  yet another country added to Don’s UN.  South Africa.

I am noticing more hills as I move further east. After all this flat stuff I need to reprogram my legs for climbing.  I have spoken to a few people and they say the Ozarks are up and down though most of Missouri.  The only other riders I saw today were Paul & Meredith, they are from Brisbain.  Two countries in one day!  Austraila!  I have been waiting to meet some Aussies.  I have included their picture below.

I stopped in Benedict for lunch.  When I got to town the store was closed and the sign said, “left at 10:00 be back soon, Pastor Joe”.  It was noon.  I didn’t want to sit and wait because who knows how long it would be.  As I got on my bike to leave, flying up the road, was a yellow school van.  It pulls up in the drive and out pops Pastor Joe and copper, his dog.  Pastor Joe runs the little store in town.  From what he told me, he got cleaned out yesterday by the 30 and under group I saw riding west.  Pastor Joe did have a can of beef stew and chips so that is what I had.  Pastor Joe even heated the stew up for me.  Pastor Joe gives every rider a free drink and ice cream before they leave.  It was nice to sit and talk with Pastor Joe for a while but, the miles ain’t riding themselves.

The rest of the day went pretty much the same, a little headwind and hills, many, many hills.  I did stop in Chanute, KS and took a picture of a train engine from the Santa Fe line. Tomorrow Missouri!

I am staying in a city park in Walnut, KS

Day 34 – 86.3 miles

Total 2,680.9 miles