I must go back to last night and tell you about my wonderful stay in Walnut, KS.  I say that with a heavy dose of sarcasm.  I know it’s the 4th of July weekend and I want to celebrate it just like any other red blooded American.  But, fireworks on the quarter hour for 8 hours is a bit much.  Festivities ended around 2 AM.  I suppose the arsenal ran dry.  Do you know what else they have too much of in Walnut?  Other than fireworks.  Grasshoppers.  In between cannon blasts I had about 50 grasshoppers caught between the tent screen and the rain cover layer of the tent.  They were not in my tent but between those two layers.  When they wanted to jump, they would hit the rain cover layer of the tent and make a quick “whack”.  Imagine 50 grasshoppers doing this.  And I thought it was the wind that was going to drive me crazy.  Total hours of sleep?  Maybe 4?

No better way to end my stay in Walnut then to leave asap.  There was a threat of rain today.  Threat backed up! I got about 6 miles of torrential rain.  I should not complain, I have not had much rain on the trip, and nothing to the degree I saw this morning.  The rest of the ride was pleasurable.  I had a few hills but the route was predominately flat.  I was able to lose the rain gear and try to dry out my riding gloves.  Then off in the distance I saw it.  It was like a beacon calling me to ride closer.  “Missouri Welcomes You”.  Well thank you Missouri, I am glad to be here!  I should say in closing out Kansas that the drivers were very courteous to cyclists and it was a good experience.

After my subpar nap last night I decided a shorter day was in order.  I rode to Golden City, MO today, 67 miles.  What the Newton Bike Shop is to the TAT riders when it comes to a bicycle oasis so is Cooky’s Cafe when it comes to pie.  Its a pie oasis.  In order not to offend certain ladies I know, I will say their pie is OK.  Of course Audrey’s and Mom’s is the best.  And of course there is no particular order between those two.  OK, hole getting deeper.  I got a piece of apple pie with vanilla ice cream on it.  I think I am going back for dinner, lol.

I am staying in a city park in Golden City, MO

Day 35 – 67 miles

Total 2,747.9 miles