I got my latest start due to the weather.  It was thundering and lightening so I hit the snooze button a few times.  The lightening stopped and there was a lite drizzle, so I thought I better get my day going, it was already 10:00 AM.  The whole day was overcast with periodic drizzle.  It didn’t make for a sunny 4th but it kept the temperature in the mid 70’s and made it great for riding.

I have not seen a TransAm rider in two days.  Did everyone leave the party and not tell me?  There is an alternative route called the Katy Trail that some people take instead of going though the Ozarks via the TAT.  But, I can’t imagine everyone has done that.  I hope to see some riders tomorrow.  The ride was beautiful today.  It is very much like riding around our house in the Poconos.  Lots of hills, trees and farms.  I much prefer this type of riding over the hundreds of miles of flat, straight Kansas pavement. It’s challenging but fun.

I am nearing the 3,000 mile mark!  I have ridden everyday for 37 days.  I get up every morning and there is no question in my mind about taking a day off.  It is automatic.  I pack up and ride.  I look forward to each day and what it will bring.  I’m loving it!  I hope McDonald’s doesn’t sue me for using their slogan, lol.

I am staying at a hotel in Houston, MO.

Day 37 – 65.7 miles

Total 2,894.6 miles