I think the Ozarks got the best of me today. I now know why people take the Katy Trail and bypass this section. I have to be honest with my blog followers. I got off the bike twice and walked, part of the way, up two hills. There I said it. I think Bike and Bob are harder to push up a hill than riding them up. I am going to say that maybe the 95 degree heat and 75 percent humidity played a roll.

I started pretty early today 4:45 AM. Bob was all cranky. He gets that way until he has his morning coffee. The plan is to beat the heat! So shut up Bob! We were rolling along pretty good. I took a video of the sunrise, I climbed a conservation tower and took another video. Things were great! Then things went south.

First, the humidity, I was drenched in sweat. The Sun burnt off the fog and came out to say Hi. I had not seen the Sun in two days. Oh, was it back though! So now heat. And for the trifecta, freaking steep hills. The combination was brutal. The “slingshot up the hill method” was not working. There was too much flat stuff between climbs.  I would put it in the top 3 of difficulty. Whitebird, Hossier Pass and the Ozarks.

I did try to enjoy the scenery. A couple of times I passed through the Ozark National Scenic Riverways, it was beautiful.  With all that being said the early start was key. I was done before 4:00 PM. Tomorrow 3:00 AM!

I am staying in a town square in Centerville, MO

Day 38 – 85.4 miles

Total 2,980 miles

I have videos this time! On my Facebook page at