I may have been riding in the rain all day but I found my sunshine.  I woke up at an unGodly hour, 2:45 AM.  I was going to wake up at 3:00, but what is up with that?  Hills are easier when you can’t see them coming.  Basically, for the first 20 miles I could only see as far as my headlight beam.  I had 46 miles done by 9:00 AM.  Oh man this is going to be a great day, half my ride over with by 9:00!

That thought should have never crossed my mind. Not only did the hills come back with a vengance but let’s throw in a severe thunderstorm watch.  Just to make things interesting.  I was busting my butt to make it to the next town for shelter.  Did not make it.  Instead I spent the better part of an hour under some trees in someone’s driveway. Yes, I know about the trees in a thunderstorm.  I was in no man’s land, that was it.  I also used their recycling bin as a rain barrier.  The good news is I did not get struck by lightning!  The bad news is that I again find myself soaked to the bone.

At this point I didn’t care anymore.  Hills, rain, lightening who cares.  The majority of the storm was over with, for now.  I continued riding in my tired, wet and hungry body.  I was so close to the Mississippi River and Chester, IL, my resting place for the night, that I had to push on.  The rain was light and I just rode on.  I got to the Mississippi Delta a nice flat, wide open piece of land.  What a perfect time for the lightening to start again, I am so close.

In my time of peril, my sunshine beamed through the darkness, riding in a Subaru Impreza with her bike on top. Surprise blog followers, Audrey is here! She swooped in and grabbed me, Bike, and Bob, rescuing us from certain death by electrocution! And she bought dinner too! You’re the best Baby!

Day 39 – 90.3 miles

Total 3,070.3 miles (broke 3,00o!)

Mississippi River & Illinois State sign pics will have to wait till tomorrow. Too dangerous to be taking pics this afternoon.