I don’t think Audrey slept well last night?  I slept fine but of course I am now a seasoned tenting veteran.  The state park was nice.  We had access to showers, bathrooms, the pavillion and water, all right near us.  In the morning we packed up and headed for the ferry.  Yup, we got a quarter mile ferry ride over the Ohio River from Cave-In-Rock, IL to Kentucky.  Yes, Kentucky.  8 States down and two to go!  So much excitement this morning we could hardly contain ourselves.

Audrey took the ferry ride with me but had to bid me fairwell.  Audrey had to start heading home.  It was so great to have her along for the past few days.  I am so glad she got to experience part of the ride with me and even some of the trials of the ride.  I wish she could continue on but I don’t think tent camping is her thing.  Notice I did not end that sentence with a question mark.

The rest of the day went well.  Not as many hills, the clouds blocked the heavy Sun, the humidity was relatively low and in the rearview no storm clouds!  I made it to Utica, KY to a volunteer fire house.  They leave their doors open to cyclists.  I can stay indoors, take a shower and do laundry.  Yeah they have a washer and dryer!  Some of the volunteers came in after a false alarm call and asked if we were OK.  The reason I say we is that I am staying here with a fellowship bicycle group.  They have a small school bus as like a support vehicle and for the kids.  7 kids!  Then there are about 3 guys riding and 2 girls riding.  They are very nice people.  I was given an invitation by at least 4 to have dinner with them.  I did.  I offered some money toward the grocery bill but they would not accept.  We sat, had dinner and talked about our travels.  It was really nice.

I am staying at a VFD in Utica, KY

Day 42 – 80.7 miles

Total 3,289 miles

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