I beat the roosters out of bed this morning in Utica.  On the road before the sun came up.  It makes for a quiet and peaceful ride, especially on a Sunday morning.  Today was set for traversing lots of Kentucky countryside.  The weather was great and the miles were ticking by.  There were a lot of, how do I say this nicely, unattended dogs, out this morning.  I have developed a pretty good, “BACK!” yell.  I also have pepper spray handy in case the dog is deaf, lol.

This afternoon I biked around the northern part of Rough River Dam State Park.  The dam creates Rough River Lake where there were a lot of recreational boaters out for the day.  It was a great day to be on the lake. After the dam I passed into some flatter farmland and was able to speed up the pace.  There are some amish communities out here and I got a couple of waves from the amish from their horse and buggy.

I try to make myself take a mandatory 10 mile break, just to get off the bike.  Just for a few minutes.  I have a checklist for a good stopping point.  It should have most if not all of these criteria; shade, off the road (not as easy as you would think), not at the beginning of a hill, preferably not someone’s driveway, no sign of dogs and does not look heavily traveled.  Ok, I have a lot of time on my hands, give me a break, geez.  It never seems to fail that where I stop, even if I have not see a car in miles, someone has to pull into the road/driveway/field access that I am currently blocking.  Or, a pack of dogs come running out of nowhere.  I tell you all this because I stopped at this gravel, two track road today.  I had not seen a car for miles.  Guess what! From up the dirt road comes a pickup truck.  The truck stopped and an old lady asked if I needed anything.  I said no, I was fine, just taking a break.  The old lady was meeting her son at the top of the road.  He was coming down in his mule (a quad) and they were going down to the creek to see if he had caught any wildlife on his deer cam.  She was a very nice lady and ask me questions about my trip.  She also told me that she did not put her teeth in because, she took them out after church today, and did think she was going to run into anyone. Lol.  I told her I didn’t even notice.

My destination city for the day was Sonora, KY.  Although there were few options when it came to accomadations the ACA map had The Thurman-Phillips B&B as a place to stay.  I called the B&B a few miles out of town and Charlie answered.  They had a room and told me to give him a call when I got close.  I have not stayed at a B&B on the trip yet.  Churches, fire stations, city parks are my more common places but I thought I would make it hard on myself and really suffer tonight, lol.  I am doing this for you Audrey πŸ™‚ The Thurman house was built in 1897 by Charlie’s great, great grandfather.  I think I have the right amounts of “great” in there.  It is a beautiful victorian home.  Charlie and Rose where very accomodating.  Charlie let me use his garage to clean my bike chain.  They had a party a few nights ago and there were plenty of leftovers so they offered that for dinner. It turned into a B&D. It’s not every night but I got lucky!  Pork roast, green beans, potatos, fresh vegetables and some cold beers.  Oh! I almost forgot the mushrooms in a lite gravy.  Oh, the agony!  After dinner Charlie and Rose took me on a tour of the house and the other 3 houses on the property.  They host a lot of functions here.  The Thurman and Phillips houses were at one time seperate but now connected.  A lot of the original furniture remains in the house.  It was just great.  We sat on the second story back deck of the newer house to enjoy the view of the lake, with a fountain.  Charlie and Rose took fantastic care of me and made me feel at home in their house.

Audrey, you left too soon, lol.  Sorry Babe.

I am staying at The Thurman-Phillips B&B in Sonora, KY.

Day 43 – 89 miles

Total 3,378 miles

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