Charlie and Rose had set out breakfast for me in the morning.  Charlie had the coffee pot ready so all I had to do was press a button.  I told them I would be up very early so I did not want to bother them at 4:30 AM.  I had my breakfast and coffee and took off for Lincoln Homestead State Park east of Maud, KY.  It was going to be a short day today, 68 miles or so.  I was looking forward to a short day. With an early start I would have time to take a nap, read (the book I have been trying to read this whole trip) and enjoy some down time.  Spoiler alert! Not gonna happen!

The morning was awesome.  It was 65 degrees to start, clouds blocked some of the early sunshine and the roads were relatively flat.  Do you know what that makes for?  Miles, quick, easy, fast miles and they added up.  By 11:30 I already had 50 plus miles in.  So that meant only 18 miles to the state park.  I can’t leave that much time in a day left and not ride.   Right?  Here in lies the problem.  If I push past the state park it makes for a 95 mile day.  There is no place to stay till Harroldsburg. This was supposed to be a “short day”! Said Bob.  On my way into Bardstown, KY I had a steep climb into town.  As I ascended I began to see these huge, white, multi-windowed buildings, lots of them.  They were non-discript.  I was thinking old military base, or who the heck knows?  Once at the top of the hill I saw a sign, Heaven Hill Distilleries.  They were warehouses where they stored the barrels of bourbon .  Wow!  so many huge buildings!  I got close to take a photo, dang! I think I just took an air shot of bourbon.  The smell of bourbon was permeating from the building.  Of course a sign on the door read, “no smoking”.  If you lit a match in that building, bam!  No, I did not stop and take the bourbon tour.  It would have been a 45 mile day at that point.  Not big on bourbon anyways.

In Bardstown, I stopped to contemplate my fate and have brunch. I missed my usual morning stop because there was not an open conveient store in the whole 50 mile ride this morning.  While I was eating Arlene approached and asked me where I was riding to.  I explained my trip to her and she was very happy for me.  We talked a little about the trip and said our goodbyes.  I continued eating and Arlene came back and gave me a bracelet (see pic below).  She usually sells them and donates the proceeds to a veterans/active duty organization but she gave me this one.  It has little emblems of all the armed forces, pictures of the Statue of Liberty, POW/MIA emblem and other patriotic images.  I said I could not take it or let me donate money toward the fund, but she insisted I take it.  I thanked her very much and put the bracelet on.  Arlene wished me well and walked away.  It is amazing the kindness and generosity that is out there, we just don’t get to see it on a daily basis.

During my stop I realized that I did not look at the addenda for the maps.  I don’t know if I have mentioned this or not but some of the maps were printed a few years ago.  Things change.  So I printed the most up-to-date addenda for each of the 12 map sets before I left home.  The thing is you have to read them to see what has changed.  What a concept! Usually I am pretty good about that, but last night I crashed and did not look at the addenda.  “There is no camping at Lincoln Homestead State Park”.  Well, now there are two reasons to push forward.

There was a golf course at the park and two TATers were sitting under a tree having lunch.  We exchanged waves as I past.  Hey! All I got is time right now, I should stop and say HI.  I made a U-turn and rollled up on Will and Rachel.  They were enjoing their lunch under a shade tree.  Will and Rachel are from Sheffield, England.  I didn’t get a photo cause they were eating and I did not want to impose.  We had a nice talk about the trip and they warned me about the Appalachian, which I am well aware of.  Supposedly the hardest part of the trip.  Steep climbs.  I gave them a few tips on good places to stay ahead of them, they are going west, and we wished each other well.

Back on the road and things went smoothly all the way to Harroldsburg, KY.  I found a nice restaurant, the Old Owl Tavern.  I needed a few beverages to cool down and food to reload my calorie defecit.  I had the Traditional Kentucky Hot Brown.  It is Toast Points, Sliced Turkey Breast, Chopped Country Ham, Tomato, Mornay Sauce, and Crisp Bacon.  The sauce is like a cheese sauce.  I have never heard of anything like it so I had to order it.  It was awesome.  I could not help myself because they had fried green tomatos, on the appitizer menu, so that was dessert. I can eat what ever the hell I want, lol.  I met a nice couple from Harroldsburg, Art and Laura.  We talked about the trip and Art filled me in on the terrain I will see tomorrow.  I believe the bartender was Lucas, not sure on the name, but he took great care of me.  Everyone was very nice.  Unfortunately, I had a 3.5 mile ride to the city park so I had to leave.

I am staying at a city park in Harroldsburg, KY

Day 44 – 95.7 miles

Total  3,473.7 miles

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