When you wake up at 5:00 AM and you have to move all your belongings, out of the rain, and into a pavilion, it’s not going to be a good day. I pop out of the tent to head for the shelter and there is a McDonald’s bag and drink next to my tent. Apparently, someone left me a surprise, late, late, late night dinner. First, I want to thank the stranger for their thoughtfulness, it was very kind. The creepy part, is that the ticket in the bag had a time stamp of 11:53 PM. So I didn’t hear someone drop off a midnight snack, right next to my tent, sometime after midnight. I must have been out. Unfortunately, the ants beat me to it and I had to throw it away.

By the time I finished packing, the rain turned to a lite drizzle. I set out to find an ant free breakfast. I stopped at a DQ, I did not know they served breakfast. After breakfast I made the usual stop at the corner store for trip snacks. On my way, from DQ to BP I got an F-L-A-T. Great start to the day so far!

Flat fixed and snacks onboard. Finally on the road. I stopped to take a picture if a baptist church sign. They crack me up. If you cannot read it in the picture it says,”Wal-mart isn’t the only saving place”. Ha!

The fun only lasted for a few miles. The second deluge started. I would have to say I was pretty lucky. I happened upon a cyclist’s rest stop on this little country road, there was a small pavilion and an old house. I quickly hid under the pavilion. There were two coolers stocked with water and snacks! Written on the lid was, “take as much as you want, outhouse is clean & heat in the shower runs on solar”.

The wind, was blowing the rain in sideways, so grabbed a drink and bar and headed for the front porch of the house. Bike and Bob were stuck in the elements. Sorry guys. I sat on a chair and waited it out. I think I actually fell asleep for a bit. Just after I opened my eyes a white pickup pulls in. A farmer guy walks up and says hey i’m Rick. I said you must run this fine establishment?

Rick and I talked for a while, the rain would not let up. It is a very small world. Rick is from Zanesville, OH. I use to help manage an Auntie Anne’s in the mall there. Even smaller world, Rick worked and lived in Columbus for years. And he and his wife trail ride horses. Audrey trail rides horses. Crazy!

Finally the rain let up and Rick wished me well. I thanked him for the rest stop. I didn’t get but 5 miles down the road and the wind started whipping again and then the driving rain. Luckily, a corner store was 5 miles from Rick’s. So, I guess it’s lunch time? Ray & Pat run the store. Pat made me a sandwich while Ray told me about his horse pulling days. For those not in the know, it’s like tractor pulling but with horses. Again, the rain stopped, so back on the road.

I came to the realization that the mileage was going to be short today. I was shooting for McKee, 67 miles, but it looked more like Berea. 5 miles out of Berea. More driving rain. This time I was not shy. I saw an open front door to a house, and just as I walked up, this little old lady told me to get inside out of the rain. I was just going to ask to shelter in the garage. I feel bad that I forgot the couples name. The lady gave me a towel to dry off. The husband, a farmer, wanted to tell me all about his Schwinn Whizzer. It’s a 1940’s Schwinn with a gas tank and 2-3 hp motor. After the rain stopped I could not leave till I saw the Schwinn. The old man took me to the barn and not only did he have the bike but he also had a 1946 Chevy pickup. It was cool that he showed me his old toys. I think he enjoyed showing them to me.

I am staying in an RV park in Berea, KY.

Day 45 – 45 miles (freaky)

Total 3,518.7 miles