This morning, I got out of Hazard faster than the Duke boys being chased by Rosco P Coltrane. Ok, that was terrible, but I had to do it. Lol. It was a big climbing day in the Appalachians.  Six decent elevation gains. I did not know how I was going to feel after my 94 mile day yesterday.  In the morning my legs felt tired and I was concerned about the day.  I had a short term plan of around 64, if things fell apart.  But, I wanted to make Virginia, almost 90 miles.

The morning was going well, but slower than I wanted. There were many convienent stores along the route today and it is hard not to stop. Discipline man! Discipline!  You don’t need that 4th donut! I also took some time to take some scenic pictures, as you will see.  I also had to stop for another Baptist church sign. Lol. Those Baptists crack me up. I did not know they were that funny?

I think I also have become numb to being chased by dogs.  I have a line that works well.  “Back!” “Git!” “Go on! Git!”.  There is a city at the bottom of one of the hills called Lookout.  I would have preferred that it be before the mountain climb, as a warning.  “Lookout, this is going to suck!”.  If I remember correctly, the video I will post to Facebook is of me flying down Lookout Mountain.  It was bumpier then the others so excuse some of the shaking.  It is just my teeth rattling.  I also ran into a TATer today.  In the picture, Susan is on the bike.  She is riding solo and has sold everything she owns and is riding from Rhode Island to New Mexico, to see friends.  I guess her friends are going to have a roomate, whether they know it, or not?  The woman next to her is driving the van. Cindy, is supporting and following her husband, Don, on the route.  Don and Cindy are from New Hampshire.  Obviously Don is not in the picuture.  I passed him 3 miles before running into Susan and Cindy.  I have met two woman, traveling solo, on the TAT, Hanna, and now Susan.  I have great respect for them. I think there is a bit more judging of a woman doing the trip solo, then a man.

This afternoon, I found some other power I did not know I had.  I hit each of the steep climbs, dealing with the heat and humidity, and just pushed it to the max.  I have done countless triathlons and half marathons, two marathons and other races and have not had that kind of feeling.  It seemed like I could just climb, one after another.  Not that I wanted to, lol.  It was just a feeling of maximum performance out of myself.  It was great!

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to make an announcement.  I am in Virginia!  Sorry about the fuzzy pic at the State sign.  I was trying to outrun a storm, again, to make it to the hotel.  I was pushing so hard uphill that when I stopped to take a quick pic, I could not stop shaking and hold still.  That was the best out of 3 tries, lol.  I have ridden through 9 States and I have one left.

It was a great day!

I am staying in a hotel on the Kentucky/Virgina State line, near Bends, VA.

Day 47 – 88.3 miles

Total 3,701.5 miles

The video is on my Facebook page at