Yes, today is Saturday July 16th and including today I have 7 more days till Yorktown.  As I am writing this I now have 6!  It is incredible.  Last night, I looked back at the pictures from the trip.  I cannot believe how long ago some of those moments feel, but at the same time how quickly the time has past.  In six days I will get to see Audrey and Luna again!  I am so excited!

I slept great under the church pavilion last night.  I got out to my usual early start and it was actually cool.  The tempurature was 60 degrees, I had to break out the riding jacket.  I haven’t had that out, for cool weather, since Colorado.  Now, I have had it out for rain.  Today’s route took me down through Damascus, VA and Mount Rogers National Recreation Area.  Damascus is a few miles north of the Tennessee border. From Damascus, east, for about 3-4 miles there are three trails that parallel each other.  The TAT (TransAmerica Trail), the Appalachian Trail and the Virginia Creeper Trail.  The last two are actually the same trail and are multi-use, biking and hiking.  It is crushed gravel so I preferred US 58 that paralleled the two.  What a beautiful route.  It ran along Green Cove Creek and the freakishly steep climb I was warned about was not bad at all.  I really enjoyed it.

The ride down was even better.  No pedaling for 4 miles, lol, really.  At the bottom I took a break and met another western bound TATer.  Joe is from London, England.  He has till the middle of September to finish the route and started about a week ago.  He has already taken two days off!  I am on the wrong plan!  In the picture notice his shirt.  I asked him if he is going to buy a shirt for every State he is riding through, lol.  No, he just bought it for the bright color.  Good idea, but it was cotton, bad idea.  No better way to stay soaking wet then to wear cotton.  I will have to admit in this humidity my nylon/poly blend technical shirts aren’t doing much to wick away the sweat either.  We talked for a while about what is ahead of me, and I told him what was ahead of him and we took a couple photos then back on the road.

I will have to say the rest of the day was uneventful.  I made it to Wytheville, VA early.  This is good.  It is a laundry day.  I found a KOA campground so I am amongst my kind.  I made a beer run and got ice from the KOA office.  Do you like my cooler?

I am staying at a KOA in Wytheville, VA.

Day 49 – 78.5 miles

Total 3,844.2 miles

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