Oh man! What a day!  I can’t lie. Last night I was a little worried about this morning.  The last big climb.  Like my blog post title on day 50, “The Appalachians just won’t let go…” is right on the money.  It was like a wall between me and Yorktown.  More importantly between me and Audrey and Luna.

I don’t know how long it is going to take me to stop waking up and 4:00 in the morning but, I can assure you it will end eventually once I get home.  Today was big.  The last climb to get out of the Appalachians.  I hit it early and hard.  I have established, that a mile or two in to the ride, that I have gone the slowest on my bike without falling over, 2.9 mph. I cannot go any slower than that without unclipping or the three of us just falling over.

I am not gonna lie.  The climb was difficult, but I made it.  Did you have any question?  I didn’t think so!  My reward? The Blue Ridge Parkway.  I can not describe how wonderful it was.  I reviewed the pictures and videos.  They do not do it justice. Absoultely amazing.  After a few fake decents I finally got out of the Appalacian Mountains. It’s like the mountains saying,”going dowhill? Not so fast, here’s a curve ball”

The destination today was Charlottesville. I am a strager in a strange land.  I am staying at a hotel, basically, on the campus of the University of Virginia.  One thing to say.  Go Bucks!

I am at a hotel in Charlottesville,VA.

Day 52 -70 miles

Total 4,063.2 miles (Wow, I am choked up)

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