I busted out my 6th century ride on the TransAmerica!  Woo-hoo! 100 miles today! Can you tell I want to get to Yorktown asap?  I can’t get there too soon, I need Audrey and Luna to be at the finish line on Friday.  Yes, Friday is it!  I have just under 100 miles left and two days to do it.

I have the usual problem.  The available lodging is either too close or too far.  I wanted to end up with two 50 mile days, or a 60/40.  But, as I see it, my options are 36 miles to a church, way too short, or 70 miles to a campground. The campground is just 15 miles west of Williamsburg.  Audrey and Luna are staying in Williamsburg tomorrow night, that way they can be in Yorktown, anytime on Friday, for my arrival.  So, do I go 80 miles and stay with them and ride a measly 20 miles on Friday.  Ah! The decisions!

I must apologize for the lack of pictures and vidoes today.  I was just too busy riding and kind of zoned out today.  I am ready to get home. Although this ride and been an experience of a lifetime, it has also been mentally and physically challenging.  This and getting my butt though school were two of the most difficult things I have ever done.

Two days left, less than 100 miles

I am staying at a hotel in Ashland, VA

Day 53 – 100 miles

Total  4,163.2 miles (subtract 33 miles for the computer glitch) so I am really at 4,130.2 miles.