If you read yesterday’s post I had a few options as far as distance for today’s ride. It boiled down to, stay at a campground tonight or stay in a hotel.  At this point in the trip hotels win hands down.  And the bonus is I will see Audrey and Luna tonight, they are on their way! I could not wait till tomorrow.  

Again, wanting to avoid the heat I got up and 4:00 AM.  After this morning the time 4:00 AM will never be entered into my alarm again!  Never I say!  The benefit of an early start and flat terrain got me to Williamsburg by 2:00 PM.  I did the last big push 87 miles.

I turned to my last map page this afternoon (pic below).  I am in Williamsburg, to the east is Yorktown.  See that red and black line that says Colonial Pkwy on it?  That is the last stretch.  And as you can also see, 13 miles!  Ha! After 70, 80, 90 and 100 mile days, my last day will be 13 miles.  If it not being the last day, it would almost not be worth getting dressed for this.  Oh, common Don you have to wear clothes.

The morning was beautiful, I have been blessed with great weather for the last few days.  What also made it great was that the route merged on to the Capital Trail.  So for about 30 miles I was on a bicycle trail, out of traffic.  I was not on the trail for the first few miles because the map did not display it.  I did not want to get on the trail and then get routed away from the TransAM and have to backtrack.  I was jestured a few times by some friendly Virginians to get on the bicycle trail.  Eventually I did.  Apparently they are not aware that although a bike trail exists, I do not have to ride on it. Their license plates here say “Don’t Tread On Me”.  Well, don’t tread on their rights but screw my rights.  It’s OK I am over it, just had to get that out. Very therapeutic. Ahhhhhh….

Back on the trail. The bike trail paralleled the James River, a very scenic route.  I have a picture and video, I took, off one of the bridges. The route also took me past Jamestown and in to colonial Williamsburg.  In searching for the hotel I ended up riding right down one of the colonial town streets.  I got a few looks.  Bob does not exactly fit in with corset making.

I am staying my last night, on the TAT, at a hotel in Williamsburg, VA. Tomorrow Yorktown!

Day 54 – 87 miles

Total 4,217.2 miles

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