Yorktown is not home but, it is where Audrey and Luna are waiting for me so it’s home for now.  They are waiting at the Yorktown Victory Memorial, for me, this morning.  It will not be a long wait, I only have 13 miles to ride. Luna is happy for the short distance, it is getting hot, and she is a black dog.  Hurry up Dad, I am melting! After I finished a group of 4 finished the TAT as well. Paula, Ed, Don and Francis rolled in and celebrated the finish. And yes, I dipped Bike’s front wheel in the Atlantic Ocean!

I thought I would be a basketcase when I got to the memorial.  It did help that I saw Audrey and Luna last night, so it took some of the heavy emotion out of it.  I am kind of glad it went that way.  The way I envisioned our two reunions, the first in Illinois and eventually Yorktown, did not go as dreamed, it did not matter.  I am back, I’m safe.

I don’t want to sit here and say I have learned so much.  I knew what I was getting myself into.  But, the experience, that is what was so rewarding.  Seeing true kindness out of strangers.  Seeing America from the seat of a bicycle. The quiet mornings when no one is on the road.  The mountain pullouts where you could just stand there all day.  So different from passing by in a car.  Seeing the difference of how people are, in different regions of the country.  Some were wavers, some were not.  Some were talkers, some were not.  I met the weird and the strange as well.  Meeting the fellow TATers that was a whole different experience compared to meeting the locals.  I wasn’t sure the TATer I was meeting spoke English or not.  I met people from all over the world.  I met people from places where I use to live.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I was somewhere between touring and racing.  Probably closer to racing.  I did learn about what my mind could physically make my body do. I knew my mind was good. I spend all day alone at work (I work from home).  If I haven’t driven myself crazy in 9 years of that, I knew I was good there.  And I didn’t even have Luna to keep me company.  I don’t want you to think it was all sunshine and happiness.  Trying to ride 4,228 miles in 55 days pulling 95-100 pounds of gear was hard.  Especially, on days where I experienced 25 mph headwinds climbing a steep pass, or getting drenched to the bone while avoiding getting struck by lightening, or cooking under 100 degree heat.  The weather can have such a huge affect on your mental state.  Those days I was not in a good mood.  Missing Audrey had a huge affect on my emotions as well.  To not see your wife and best friend in over 50 days was hard.  She would talk to me on the phone after some of those bad days and remind me that I got through it, it’s over, and tomorrow is another day.  I love her for that.

So I did the TransAmerica Trail in 55 days.  To celebrate, Mexican for lunch and seafood for dinner.  I even got to take Luna out for her morning walk.  Life is good!

TATs all Folks!

Day 55 – 13 miles

Total – 4,230.2 miles

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